Should You Buy Volumizing Products?

(c) 2016

A concern that most people have with their hair is that there is no volume or “bounce.” I am one of those people who have that concern considering I have long, thin, Asian hair. I have tried and spent a lot of money and different volumizing shampoos and conditioners in attempts to achieve a fuller look. I then realized that not only was I wasting money, but using shampoos that are suppose to solve my issues was just making my hair worse; my hair became more dry, hair strands fell out more, and my hair felt weighed down.

So, is it worth it to buy volumizing shampoos and conditioners? If you are already using such products and it is working for you, then continue to use them. However, if you have similar hair like mine or are searching for the right shampoo, consider using a different product that will give hair more body. Shannon Farrell from StyleCastor, states that most volumizing “shampoos and conditioners leave behind a residue to optimize hydration,” and “weigh down fine hair.” She also mentions that volumizing alternatives “cleanse without adding weight” but does not “necessarily add volume on their own.” Many volumizing shampoos and conditioners tend to weigh hair down due to its residue that is left on hair.

What should you use instead? If you want to use a product on your hair, use styling products to give hair body. Shannon Romanowski from Self suggests using products like mousse as it helps give volume to hair without any heavy residue.

If no products are desired, try changing the way you manage your hair such as reducing the amount of times you tie your hair up. Ayren Jackson-Cannady from WebMD spoke with Andrew Alexis, MD, MPH about tips on providing volume in hair. Alexis mentions that tying hair into a tight ponytails or braids “can lead to thinning hair on the front edges of the hairline called traction alopecia.” Pulling hair back tightly into a ponytail or braid frequently can thin hair and therefore make hair look “flat.”

Another tip that Jackson-Cannady included is to be careful of which conditioner you use. Jackson-Cannady also spoke with Joshua Zeichner, MD on ways to increase volume and he suggests to “’use conditioners made for fine hair, which are typically lighter and will not weigh down hair.’” Conditioners are made for specific hair types and choosing the right one is important because some conditioners can leave too much residue that will be too heavy for thin hair.