How to Avoid Frizzy Hair

(c) 2016
(c) 2016

Tired of your frizzy hair? Wonder why your hair is just not as smooth as you want it to be? Frizzy hair can be very unappealing to some people, especially for those who have curly or wavy hair. Hair becomes frizzy when it is exposed to high humidity and or not having enough moisture.

Carly Cardellino from Cosmopolitan spoke with celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend about ways to combat frizzy hair. Here are some easy tips to fight your frizz:

  1. Use a sulfate-free, glycerin-packed shampoo

These ingredients fights frizz because it hydrates the hair shaft from the inside out. Also, it can help protect the hair’s barrier because it provides a “protective coating.”


  1. Always use conditioner

Do not neglect the conditioner when washing hair because it provides moisture for the hair. Not enough moisture in the hair will cause the cuticles to rise and absorb the moisture from the air, resulting in frizzy hair.


  1. Air dry hair by 90% before blow drying

This tip may be hard for some people to do especially if you have a lot of hair because it can take a while for your hair routine to be done. However, when you get out the shower, consider letting your hair air dry until is it 10% wet, then use a hair dryer to finish drying. Too much heat will dry out the hair and eliminate the moisture in the hair and, therefore, makes the hair frizzy.


  1. Brush regularly

Brush your hair a few times a day to distribute the natural oils that accumulate from the scalp. A brushing trick that you could use is to flip your hair down and brush it using a boar bristle brush. Distributing the natural oils down the hair will help keep the hair hydrated.


  1. Keep a small bottle of lotion with you

If your hair is up and you notice that small areas of your hair are starting to frizz up, apply a small amount of body or hand lotion onto the area to make it smooth and shiny – making it look like it never frizzed in the first place.