How Often Should You Trim Your Hair?

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(c) 2016

Some of us cannot bear to even think about trimming hair, especially if long hair is desired. I am one of those people who admire long hair and do not like the thought of scissors being anywhere near my hair. However, I realized that I cannot go on forever without cutting my hair. For those who are striving for long hair, trimming hair regularly will actually help hair grow longer and stronger, faster.

So how long should you wait to trim your hair to promote hair growth and or to maintain a healthy/desired look?

Lexi Novak from Allure, informs us that there is no one rule that everyone should follow because not everyone has the same hair type and hair goals. Novak suggests when to trim hair according to hair type and or situation:


12 Weeks:

If you have…

  • Tight, Coarse, Curls
  • Virgin Hair

A quarter-inch or less trim will help your hair grow longer.


8-12 Weeks:

If you have…

  • Long Wavy or Straight Hair

If you keep your hair moisturized and reduce heat application, then you can trim your hair every 8-12 weeks. If you take proper care of your hair, then “your hair shouldn’t split or break too quickly.”

  • Fine or Medium Curls

If you have fine spirals, consider trimming every 8 weeks to keep curls healthy and full of bounce. If you let your hair grow without proper maintenance, then it can “make thin curls look stringy and stretched.”


6-8 Weeks:

If you have…

  • Long Layers

Trimming long layers every 6-8 weeks is enough time to let hair grow and “to keep face-framing pieces in place.”


6 Weeks:

If you have…

  • Many Different Layers

By the 8th week of having a hairstyle with many layers, the layers will appear to “have a wonky and ragged look.” So trim your hair every 2 months to maintain fresh layers.

  • A Bob or Lob

Since this hairstyle do not have layers, the hair may tend to lose fullness as it grows, so trim every 2 months to keep your short hair looking full and healthy.


4-6 Weeks:

If you have…

  • Fine Wavy or Straight Hair

Fine hair can be hard to manage because it is more vulnerable than other hair types. To achieve a health look and promote hair growth for thin hair, it needs to be reshaped constantly without trimming too much off.


4 Weeks:

If you have…

  • Short Hair

If you have a bowl or pixie cut, or just very short hair, consider trimming your hair once a month to keep your hairstyle. Letting the hair grow will fade away that bowl or pixie cut style.

  • Damaged Hair

If your hair is damaged from chemical exposure, hair dye, or heat, trim your hair once a month to eliminate the damaged ends and to allow “enough time for healthy roots to grow in.”


2 Weeks:

If you have…

  • Bangs

This may sound ridiculous for some of you – having to go to a hairstylist every other week is too much of your time and money. However, if you want to maintain a “strong, blunt, heavy, straight” hair bang look, trimming it every 2 weeks will keep it looking clean and fresh.