My First Impression With Coconut Oil

coconutoil1You’ve probably heard that applying coconut oil on hair improves hair health. I’ve heard it many times from a variety of people so I went ahead and researched what coconut oil really does and how to use it.

According to Rose Kivi from Livestrong, coconut oil is abundant in fatty acids that give the scalp and hair moisture. Coconut oil can fight frizz, eliminate dandruff, prevent lice, and can promote hair growth. In addition, applying coconut oil can give hair a thicker and fuller look because it nourishes the scalp. The top reason why I decided to try this home remedy is because I wanted to make my hair thicker. I have long, thin Asian hair so I was motivated to try this home remedy.

As directed by Livestrong, I used an extra virgin coconut oil to apply on my hair and followed some of their steps. I used an applicator brush to brush the oil down the ends of my hair starting from the roots. I then made sure that every strand is coated with oil so that all my hair is being treated. After my hair was coated and detangled, I gathered my hair into a bun and put a shower cap on and left it on for about 30-40 min. Then, I washed my hair regularly with shampoo and conditioner under warm water until all the oil washed away.

While I was washing my hair, my hair felt thicker and softer but I wasn’t sure if it was because I did not get all the oil out. After I thoroughly rinsed my hair, my hair felt very soft and slightly thicker. I blow-dried my hair and once my hair was completely dry, the appearance of my hair did not significantly change but it felt significantly different.

After my first attempt with applying coconut oil on my hair, I would say that what everyone has told me about coconut oil, is true! Although this was only my first attempt, I can tell that with continuous use of the coconut oil will fulfill all the benefits that it’s suppose to provide. I would recommend those of you who have dry and/or thin hair to try this method of moisturizing and thickening hair. Applying coconut oil may feel gross at first but I believe using coconut oil is very effective. You can substitute your conditioner with coconut oil because it gives a lot of moisture for hair.