Hello everyone!

My name is Noel Shiu and I am currently a student at San Jose State University. I have a great interest in hair and adore those who have healthy hair. I have long, thin Asian hair and I hope to get it longer and thicker. My hair is a little dry with a few split-ends and constantly gets tangled every time the wind blows. I have thought about cutting my hair short just so I can restart the health of my hair and avoid high maintenance but I could not bear to imagine myself without my long hair. So, I have decide to do some research on how to improve the health of hair, maintain the health, and what to avoid to protect it.

I created this blog for people who would like to know how to obtain healthy hair with or without chopping off a huge chunk of hair. With a combination of research, I hope to inform my readers the essentials of how to achieve beautiful, healthy hair.