Ingredients in Shampoo & Conditioner For Hair Growth

biotin-shampooHow long do you spend in the shampoo and conditioner aisle at the store? Do you know which shampoo is the right one for you? Most people buy certain shampoos because of the known top-leading brands, or because of the bottle has a label that states the concerns they have with their hair.

If your concern is lack of hair growth, one ingredient that you should look for in shampoos is biotin. Biotin will help the hair grow while strengthening it. Kristin Davis from Livestrong states that “your hair and body require biotin to metabolize amino acids.” Since protein is a long chain of amino acids and hair is mostly madeRead More »


Include Biotin In Your Diet For Hair Growth


From word of mouth and past research, I have learned that biotin is essential for healthy hair. Biotin helps hair grow faster and prevent hair loss. According to Rachel Nall from Livestrong, biotin is part of the vitamin B complex and if someone has biotin deficiency, then he or she will experience hair loss.

So how does biotin provide hair growth? Well, biotin is necessary for rapid reproduction of cells and when biotin is present in the cells of hair, then the hair is able to grow faster and healthier due to the fast growth of cells from the vitamin. Nall states that when biotin isRead More »