How to Avoid Frizzy Hair

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Tired of your frizzy hair? Wonder why your hair is just not as smooth as you want it to be? Frizzy hair can be very unappealing to some people, especially for those who have curly or wavy hair. Hair becomes frizzy when it is exposed to high humidity and or not having enough moisture.

Carly Cardellino from Cosmopolitan spoke with celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend about ways to combat frizzy hair. Here are some easy tips to fight your frizz:

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The Proper Way To Wash Hair

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You may think washing hair is simple – apply shampoo, rinse, apply conditioner, rinse, and then done. As simply as it sounds, there are correct ways to apply shampoo and conditioner on hair so that you are not damaging your hair and boosting its health and appearance.

Wendy Rodewald from StyleCastor, spoke with hair professionals and stylist from New York to gather information about the right way to wash hair;

Step 1: Rinse first

Rinse hair until it is thoroughly wet before you apply any products so that the shampoo can easily be applied. Rinsing with hot water will remove dirt and product from the hair and warm water “loosens the oils through the scalp and opens the cuticle so it is able to absorb the oil.”Read More »

Ingredients in Shampoo & Conditioner For Hair Growth

biotin-shampooHow long do you spend in the shampoo and conditioner aisle at the store? Do you know which shampoo is the right one for you? Most people buy certain shampoos because of the known top-leading brands, or because of the bottle has a label that states the concerns they have with their hair.

If your concern is lack of hair growth, one ingredient that you should look for in shampoos is biotin. Biotin will help the hair grow while strengthening it. Kristin Davis from Livestrong states that “your hair and body require biotin to metabolize amino acids.” Since protein is a long chain of amino acids and hair is mostly madeRead More »