My First Impression With Coconut Oil

coconutoil1You’ve probably heard that applying coconut oil on hair improves hair health. I’ve heard it many times from a variety of people so I went ahead and researched what coconut oil really does and how to use it.

According to Rose Kivi from Livestrong, coconut oil is abundant in fatty acids that give the scalp and hair moisture. Coconut oil can fight frizz, eliminate dandruff, prevent lice, and can promote hair growth. In addition, applying coconut oil can give hair a thicker and fuller look because it nourishes the scalp. The top reason why I decided to try this home remedy is because I wanted to make my hair thicker. I have long, thin Asian hair so I wasRead More »


Oils That Are Best For Your Hair Type

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You’ve probably heard that applying certain oils onto your hair will benefit your hair because it provides moisture and strength. Barbara Gonzalez from Cosmopolitan, states that oils are rich in fatty acids that are “great for healing split ends, sealing moisture, and detangling.” But what oils should you really focus on when applying them to your hair? Or, what oils should you look for when buying shampoo products?Read More »

Use Heat Protectant Sprays

heatprotectantspray1If you can’t get away from straightening, curling, or blow-drying your hair, use a heat protectant spray before you style or blow dry to reduce the severity of damage. Any type of heat application on the hair will damage the hair but applying a heat protectant spray can help increase the longevity of the health within the hair when using heat-styling tools frequently.


So, how does heat protectant sprays work?Read More »

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

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Some of us wash our hair every day, and some of us don’t. We want to keep our hair smelling nice and looking oil-free all the time but is there such a thing as shampooing too much? Well, the amount of times that hair should be washed really depends on personal preference.

Jenna Birch from WebMD spoke with professional hair stylist and founder of Drybar, Alli Webb, about how often hair should be shampooed. Webb informs that it is OK to go a fewRead More »

What You Need To Hydrate Your Hair


Do you have dry, brittle hair and feel like the hair strands are breaking so easily? The reason why hair gets so dry is because it is simply not getting enough hydration. According to WebMD, one of the common causes of dry hair is that the scalp is not producing enough oil to moisturize the hair. Hair strands do not produce oil on its own so it relies on the root of the hair to distribute the moisture down. WebMD also notes “since the roots are under your skin, dry scalp goes along with dry hair.”

Another reason why hair becomes dry is that the moisture is escaping from the hair. The hair has a layer called a cuticle that protects the hair strands and once it is damaged, the hair is unable to keep moisture in. WebMD states “in a healthy cuticle, the layers lie tightly together and keep moisture in.” So, with a weaken cuticle, hair cannotRead More »